By commissioning me you are agreeing to the terms of service below.
Please make sure you read them beforehand.


• I always reserve the right to select what commissions I want to accept and reject the ones I do not work on.
• I will not tolerate any lack of respect towards myself or my work: I will cancel a commission if I feel the client’s behaviour is unacceptable.
• If the client fails to follow the terms here provided, I have the right to cancel the commission at any time.
• PSD or layered files are not provided.


• All commissions must be paid in full up front, or possibly (upon agreement with me) half upfront and half at after the first half of the work is completed.
• The only accepted paying method is PayPal.


• When applicable, the client will be requested to provide references: 1-3 visual references, accompanied by a brief (4-5 lines at most) description. If visual references are not available, I will discuss details with the client.
• The client will be required to provide a preference of expression. In lack thereof, the character will be drawn with a neutral expression.
• The client will be required to provide a preference for the pose. In lack thereof, the character will be drawn with a neutral standing position.
• Requests to change the pose to a different one after the sketch is done following the reference provided, will incur into extra fees.


• I will not start working on a commission until the payment (or the first installment) is complete.
• The client will be provided with a preliminary sketch, followed by 2-5 WIP (Work in Progress) shots, depending on the complexity of the piece.
• Once the sketch or any of the WIPs are approved by the client, no significant changes will be made to the piece. For example: once the sketch is approved, the pose won’t be changed. Requests to change parts of the commission that have already been approved will require the payment of additional fees.
• The time of completion of the commission can be up to 3 months from the initial payment. If the client needs the artwork delivered quickly or by a specific date, they need to communicate it to me before I start the commission. Rushed deadlines will add extra charges to the price.
• Should any issue or delay occur on my side, the client will be immediately notified.


• I, the artist, retain the full rights to the artwork.
• Purchasing the full rights to the artwork will require an extra fee amounting to 200% of the original price.
• If the client commissioned a piece for personal use they can print the art; claim the right on their character(s) but not to the drawing itself; use the art to promote themselves with proper credit given to the artist. They are in no way and under no circumstance allowed to use the artwork commercially (make money from it in any way). If a client only has license for personal use and they would like to use the artwork commercially, they can contact me and we can discuss it.
• If the client commissioned a piece for commercial use, they are allowed to make any sort of merchandise or other product for sale featuring the artwork. Credit is still required for usage of the artwork.


• The client can not cancel or demand a refund from the artist under any circumstances after the payment (or first installment) is received.
• The only situation in which the client is allowed to cancel the commission, is if the payment (or first installment) hasn’t been sent yet.