E-mail: joanadolce@gmail.com

Welcome to my world. My name is Joana, I’ve been on this plane of existence for 26 moons and reside in the distant land of Portugal.
From a very young age, I’ve been burdened with visions of tiny beings that live inside your shoes when you take them off at night,

strange breeds of animals who guide people through their journey (not always in the right direction) and mighty all knowing gods

that hover over our heads, setting our destinies in motion.

My mission in life, is to raise awareness, for all mankind, of the existence of these beings.

My plan: To place all of my knowledge as best as I can, into life changing paintings, that will revolutionize the way people look at

the world arround them.

I am available for freelance illustration projects.

I can be contacted through the following social locations: